Cloud 9 Brewery

Boise's First Nanopub

Updated January 20th, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q:Do you serve anything other than beer?
A:Haha yes we do! We handmake rootbeer, and have various soda products. We also serve wine, both reds and whites.

Q:What is your address?
A:1750 W. State St, Boise ID 83702 is our home in the North End. It is on the same side of the street as Albertsons, in the Northwest corner of the Marketplace plaza.

Q:Are you hiring?
A: We do have a full staff, but we are opening our patio in late April of 2014 once we get the permits finalized. We have opened our patio, and we do need an additional prep chef! See our jobs page to apply.

Q:Why didn't you go 10-15 barrel size?
A:We felt that going from 1/3 barrel to 4 barrels was a good step for us. We vastly underestimated the passion and demand for craft beer in the valley, however, and already are struggling to keep up!
Q:Are you going to sell kegs to bars?
A: Currently we simply do not have enough production to sell many kegs to bars. We produce 8 kegs per batch, and although we opened with 12 of our own beers on draft, we have brought in a number of interesting guest taps from in-state and nearby breweries to help us keep beer flowing!!

Q:Will you fill growlers?
A: Yes indeed, both guest taps and our brews are available for growler fills.

Q:Will you brew something special for a specific event, like a birthday or a wedding?
A:Our brewing size is 4 barrels on our production system, so it is possible if you want to order that much beer~ We could also arrange for a 5 or 10 gallon batch to be brewed on our pilot system, please contact us via our contact form for additional details.

Q:Do you give tours?
A:Although the brewery is only 10'x12' and can be seen from the dining room / bar, we love to give tours and talk about what beers are coming up next. Stop in and ask any staff member and if the brewer is on site and not brewing (typically evenings are easier) a tour can be arranged within minutes.

Q:Do you take reservations for dinner?
A:Currently no. We have 12 seats at the bar, 8 tables of 2 inside, and variable patio seating. However, during busy times we do create a list of customers to determine seating priority, so come on down and grab a pint!